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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wedgeday Double Trouble!

Today I have two wedges for you, since I missed out last week!

I bought these wedges about two years ago, and I love them! I loved them so much I needed one in each colour!

They are really pretty and comfortable, and look a lot like Melissas, but they are not, they are Anna Nucci, so no yummy sweet smell for me! Except from my actual Melissas, which I will post once I start my Shoesday Tuesdays! I really love the different colour straps, and the strip down the back. They are also both super glossy, which you can't really see in these pictures unfortunately.

They are really comfortable, I think I have worn them each once, a long time ago, but I cannot be sure. These are perfect for dresses or pants, and the height is great too.

Happy Wedgeday Ladies!


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    1. They really are Sibahle! I hope you are enjoying your prize!