Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fellow beauty bloggers competition!

One of my favourite beauty bloggers is having a competition, and I think everyone should enter! The prize is a surprise so far, but includes some of her fav beauty items. Which according to her posts, she has very good taste. :)

Priya, a fellow beauty blogger, Purple Sparkle posts amazing honest reviews about a range of different beauty and cosmetic products, from make up and skin care to hair products and fragrances. I love her honest reviews, as well as the different price ranges of products, from Essence and Catrice to Clinique and Vichy. And don't you just love the name purple sparklez! Who wouldn't love anything purple or anything sparkly, I know I do!

It's really simple to enter, just comment on why you like her blog, and follow on bloglovin, twitter and google connect. 

Good Luck!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Dry lip savers

Unfortunately Ive been experiencing dry lips for the past few weeks. I'm very strict when it comes to applying lip balm and hand cream, some people even say slightly OCD. I cannot wash my hands without putting hand cream on, and I apply lip balm constantly too... So, you can imagine how much it bugs me when I have dry lips! So this post is dedicated to banishing dry lips! I usually use lip balm most of the day, and before I sleep, the rest of the time I use lip gloss.

My go to lip moisturisers are Lip Sano and Carmex both the tubes and tubs I use these most of the day, and before I sleep, nothing else really does it for me and my OCD lips. But because I have a shopping problem I have millions of lip balms that I have never even tried, so I decided to stop my regulars and try my new products. 

Balm Balm fragrance free and Balm Balm tea tree lip balms, R82.95.
I expected a lot from these Balm Balm products, as I have heard great things about the brand. The tea tree one was too thin, and didn't moisturise much at all. The fragrance free was much better, more moisturising and richer too. I would buy the fragrance free again. These lip balms are not just for your lips, they can be used on any dry area.

Balm Balm face balm in rose and geranium, R169.95.
This balm was quite rich too, it had a pleasant smell, and was glossy and moisturising. Although its a face balm, it can be used all over, lips included. Because it is so versatile I would highly recommend this balm for any dry areas you have.

Clarins moisture replenishing lip balm, R155.
I loved this! It's not as thick as the Carmex tub, but is similiar to the tube. It moisturised extremely well, but didn't last very long on my lips, and needed to reapplied often. Although it moisturised well, I don't think it is worth the price. I received a sample of this in a beauty box, and finished the tube, so I don't have a picture of it. :(

Uriage stick levres lip balm. R95.00. 
This lip balm comes in a stick, it smells amazing, and kept my lips moisturised for more than 4 hours. It isn't very thick, and leaves a slight gloss on your lips, but does a great job. This is my favourite lip balm, and for the price, and convenience of the stick I will definitely buy it again!

Erborian lip bome +, 169.95 
I have wanted to try the Erborian brand for a while, and finally bought the lip balm. It is thick and moisturising and keeps my lips soft and moisturised. It doesn't have much of a smell, and the texture is similiar to Carmex and Lip Sanos tubs. It is quite expensive, and although it does a great job, I don't think I would buy it again, given that to me it is just Carmex or Lip Sano unscented.

Softlips Organics in pomegranate, R21.95
I love the smell of all the Softlips organics range. It doesn't give the tingle the usual Softlips gives, and it is more moisturising. I like the small size of the tube. I like this to use now and again, but it wont work for my regular lip balm, it is just not thick or moisturising enough.  

The Body Shop lip butter in mango, R55
This is the most disappointing body shop product I have tried. It looks thick, but when applied it is not thick or moisturising. The smell is the only good thing about this product unfortunately.

If anyone has suggestions for lip balms you love and use, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading...

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Friday, 19 July 2013

The Body Shop

I have a slight obsession with The Body Shop, as you can see below. These are the products that I currently have at home, I'm using some, and some are still unopened, story of my life!

Lets start with the body butters! I love the Moringa one, it has the most amazing smell that lingers on your skin. The Strawberry butter smells like those Tinkerbell cosmetics I used to use when I was young, I wonder if they even still make those for little girls? Next is the Vanilla duo, there is one side for dry skin, and one side for normal skin. Its a really nice idea, I use the dry side for my feet and hands and elbows, it is a much thicker butter than the normal side. It smells amazing too, like something I would want to eat! All the body butters leave a slight sheen on your skin, which makes it glow, love it!

Next is the soap, body polish and shower gel, all in strawberry, I love using an entire range together, it enhances the smell. The body polish, is a mild body exfoliator, it doesn't give much of a scrub, but it still makes your skin feel great. The soap is not drying at all, which is really important to me, I hate that tight feeling some soaps give. And the shower gel is great too. 

Ginger exfoliator, this was a limited edition a while ago, and I still haven't opened. The exfoliator is rougher than the polish, but still doesn't offer that much grit. It smells great though, and does smooth the skin.

Body oil, hair oil and face oil... The oil from the body shop can be used everywhere, from face, body to hair. I found the Moringa scent in the oil too strong, even though I love it in the body butter, so I opted for the shea oil instead. The oil is not greasy at all, and is quickly absorbed and is extremely moisturising. It is good for your hair too, and smooths fly-aways. 

Cottonseed curl hair treatment, I have wavy hair, so I purchased this curl enhancing treatment, I put it on after I've washed and conditioned my hair. It makes my hair feel extremely soft.

Mango lip butter, black eye liner and honey bronzer. The lip butter is not very moisturising, it smells great, but doesn't do much for my lips. The eye liner is very long lasting, and highly pigmented which I love. The honey bronzer is amazing! I usually highlight and contour, and find that instead of powder bronzer, I can use this. It gives more of a glowy look, which I love, especially in winter.

Last, but definitely not least is the vitamin c microdermabrasion! I absolutely love love love this product. After I use it, my skin looks and feels more radiant and bright. The grit is very fine, and amazing, it does such a great job. If I had to recommend an exfoliator I would choose this. It gives results so close to a microdermabrasion treatment at a salon!

Their winter sale may still be on, so get shopping!

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Disney Minnie Mouse nail art tutorial 5!

Below is the final nail art tutorial.

You will need:
White nail polish
Red nail polish
Black nail polish
A dotting tool
Nail art brush

Step 1: Apply a base coat, and then paint your nail white.

Step 2: Using the red polish, make the face as seen below. 

Step 3: Using the dotting tool and the red nail polish dot your nail

Step 4: Using the black nail polish and the nail art brush, paint the bow, between the ears.

Step 5: Using the dotting tool and the black nail polish, dot eyes on the face.

Step 6: Follow with a top coat

And your nails will now look like this. :)

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Disney Minnie Mouse nail art tutorial 3 and 4!

This tutorial has two tutorials in one. The middle finger, and the index finger. 

Lets start with the middle finger design... Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of all the steps, but I will try my best to explain in words.

What you will need:
Red nail polish
Black nail polish
White nail polish
Bow confetti
Dotting tool
Base and top coat

Step 1: Apply the base coat, and then paint the nail red.

Step 2: Paint the face with black nail polish, and remember half the face is off the nail. While the black polish is still wet, place the bow between the ears and press down firmly. Then use the dotting tool with white polish and dot as shown below.

Step 3: Follow with a top coat!

Next is the index finger:

You will need:
Red nail polish
White nail polish
Nail art brush
Dotting tool

Step 1: Apply the base coat, and follow with the red nail polish.

Step 2: Draw a white bow in the centre of the nail using the nail art brush. I do the sides of the bow first, and then the diagonal lines, and then fill the bow in.

Step 3: Using the dotting tool and white nail polish dot your nails as shown before

Step 4: Follow with a top coat!

P.S. As you can see, the bow fell off the middle finger already :P

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Disney Minnie Mouse nail art tutorial 2!

Below is the second nail art tutorial for the ring finger.

You will need:
Red nail polish
Black nail polish
White nail polish
Nail art brush
2 tiny rhinestones(mine were too big, and made Minnie look a bit like a gremlin)
Base and top coat

Step 1: Apply your base coat, followed by the red nail polish.

Step 2: Paint the head with black nail polish. This took a bit of getting used to, never did quite get it right.

Step 3: Using your nail art brush, paint a white bow on the head. Again, if the black is overpowering use the nail art brush and nail polish remover to first clear the black in the shape of a bow, and then paint the bow. For the bow, I made the two side vertical lines first, and then the diagonal ones, and then filled it in.

Step 4: Add the rhinestones. I think my nail looked better without the rhinestones, but maybe if the rhinestones were smaller it wouldn't look so scary. I found when the rhinestones fell off, it looked better, you can see this in my original Disney nails post. The other option is to dot eyes with a dotting tool in white. Follow with a top coat!

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Disney Minnie Mouse bow nail art tutorial 1!

This is very delayed, i know... But here is the start of the Disney nail art tutorial.
Because I did a different design on each finger, I have split up the tutorials into different posts.

You will need:
White nail polish
Black nail polish
Red nail polish
And a dotting tool
Base and top coat

Step 1: Apply the base coat to your nails, followed by the white nail polish. I used two coats, to get the colour I wanted.

Step 2: Paint the head and ears using your black nail polish. I made two dots on either side, and filled the rest in to the tip of my nail. I used the nail polish brush, and it worked fine for me.

Step3: Paint a red bow on top of the black polish, between the ears, and above the head, as you can see below. If your red colour is not bright enough, and is overpowered by the black underneath, you will have to use a thin nail art brush, remove the black polish in the shape of a bow, and then apply the red over.

Step 4: Use your white polish and dotting tool to dot your bow. Follow with a top coat, and you are done Minnie Mouse!

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Going overboard with new goodies!

I was bored yesterday afternoon, and decided to go to Eastgate for a walk-around, which is never safe for a shopaholic like me. I needed cotton wool pads, mine ran out a while ago, so I've been using rolled cotton wool which i have cut into pieces, but they leave those little pieces of cotton fluff all over my face. I also saw a picture in a review about the Essence colour 'Miss Universe', and loved the colour, and decided I needed it! So, I decided to go to Clicks, bad bad bad idea! 

What I went for...

What I ended up getting!

So, yes, I have a problem, Clicks had a sale, and there were such awesome products... So, more than R400 later this is what I came home with:

3 Gem Crush polishes from Sally Hansen, they were about R40 each
5 Revlon nail colours, they were about R24 each.
3 Revlon nail stencils, R15 each
Charlie nail stickers, R20 each
Essence, I think it was about R20
Cool nail set, with 2 nail pens in red and purple and stencils for R7.95!!!
Glamour magazine
And then of course my cotton wool pads.

And that was that...

Hi, my name is Azraa, and I'm a shopaholic...

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Pink candy nail tutorial

Below is the quick and easy tutorial for the pink candy nail art tutorial. You can use any colour, and you could do the design on all your nails if you please.

You will need pink nail polish, white nail polish or a white tip nail painter, silver nail polish, 2 stars and a thin nail brush, and of course your top and base coats. 

Step 1: Apply a base coat, and then apply your bright pink nail polish.

Step 2: Using your silver nail polish and the thin nail brush, paint a line diagonally across your nail.

Step 3: Paint thin vertical stripes using the nail tip painter shown below from Essence, or you could use a thin nail brush with white polish.

Step 4: Apply your star, or any other design you choose. Make sure it is stuck down completely.

Step 5: Apply your top coat, clean up the edges, and you're good to go.

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I recently joined a website called www.aboutmystyle.com. It is a really fun idea, where there is a different theme every day, and users post pictures related to that theme. Users can like and comment on posts and follow other users , similiar to Instagram, the only difference is the daily theme. Sometimes the themes are fashion related, sometimes beauty, sometimes random. Users are also able to suggest themes that interest them, and all the users around the world can post pictures on that theme.

Today's theme was budget make up, so this was a definite for me to post about! 

Below is most of my budget make up, it includes brands such as Revlon(not exactly a budget brand, but affordable), Garnier, Rimmel(also affordable, not exactly budget), Softlips, Carmex, Labello, Yardley(affordable bordering on budget), and of course the budget heavy weights, Catrice and Essence. I didn't include any of my nail polishes, because then I wouldn't have had space for anything else!

Upcoming themes include, Floral Love, Your Latest Buy and A view you'll remember.

I have added a badge on the right side panel of my blog, which will take you directly to the website.

Go have a look!

P.S. Some posts are of Dior makeup and other expensive products, which aren't in my budget at all, but are lovely to look at anyway... ;)

If you are already a member leave your username or link in my comments for me to have a look at your posts! If not, join it, it looks like fun...

Friday, 5 July 2013

Black and white music notes tutorial

I haven't done a nail art tutorial for a while, or any post with some substance :)

So, below is how I did the music notes nail art.

You will need, white polish, black polish, a thin nail brush, dotting tool, striping tape(not necessary but makes life easier) and a little red heart. And of course the base coat and top coat!

Step 1: Apply the base coat to all your nails. Then apply the white polish, use 2/3 coats if necessary, and make sure your nails are completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 2: Stick the striping tape in 3 lines on all of your nails. If you do not have striping tape, you can draw thin lines free hand with a thin nail art brush. I prefer the striping tape, as the lines come out so perfectly. It is okay if the striping tape extends over the nail, you will snip them later. For the thumb, the tape NEEDS to extend over the nail.

Step 3: Now its time to draw the music notes. Using the dotting tool to make a dot on your nail, within one of the lines. You then need to use the nail art brush to draw a line from the dot toward your cuticle.
You can decide how many notes to make, and which type. 

Step 4: Paint your thumb black. Ensure the striping tape is stuck down completely. When the black is completely dry, peel off the striping tape slowly and carefully. Your thumb is now done! 

Step 5: Stick a small red heart on your little finger. You can now cut the sides of the striping tape to fit your nail. 

And you are done! Remember your top coat on all nails! Especially the ones with the striping tape, or the tape will begin to peel off.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Black and white nails! OMD Challenge

So, I know Ive missed day 2 and 3 of the challenge, and I will hopefully catch it up later. Below is my attempt at day 4, black and white.

I decided to do music notes! And a little red heart too. What do you guys think?

I used striping tape, a dotting tool, as well as one of my nail art brushes. I will upload the tutorial soon, it was not that hard to do, especially with the striping tape. Free hand lines would be harder. The music notes were pretty simple, using a dotting tool, and just using a thin brush for the lines of the note.


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My new products from style 36

I just received the new products I ordered from Style36. Yay!

I have wanted to try the Erborian BB cream for a while, so I finally bought it, let's hope its good. Erborian is an awesome brand, their packaging is always stunning, I've used their lip balm and I loved it. 

The 3 nail colours are by Sparitual, they don't look the same as the pictures online, but are still stunning. 



Looking Glass

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I finally joined INSTAGRAM

So, I finally joined Instagram, better late than never I guess.

I didn't realise how fun it was! There are so many awesome pictures, from fashion to nails to yoga to pets! 

Follow me on Instagram if you have it, and if you don't, get it, NOW!

Here is my link, and there is also a badge on the side panel of my blog, where you can click.


Monday, 1 July 2013

My 2 babies...

These are my 2 babies...

Alfa, the white pomeranian is 5 months old, and thinks he is the boss of the house...
Sugs(short for sugar) is 2 and a half years old and is the sweetest gentlest dog in the world!

Below are pictures of the two of them in my garden, on a road trip and taking a power nap.


Thailand memories...

My Boyfriend and I...

We have been lucky enough to travel to Thailand together twice, and are hoping to go again this year. We absolutely love the country. 

This picture was taken in 2011 at Sirocco, which is the sky bar of the Lebua hotel in Bangkok. Scenes of the movie Hangover 2 were filmed there. The waiters are really good photographers! :)

Bangkok is amazing for shopping, and thankfully I have the most patient man in the world. Whether it was in the huge shopping centres, the markets or the cosmetic stores! He has the patience of a saint, and I'm so grateful for that since I am a shopaholic of note!

The view is absolutely amazing, as you can see below! The cinnamon ice-cream is amazing too! ;)

Hollywood Dreaming

Points, Miles & Martinis

lebua at State Tower Hotel Bangkok - The Dome at Lebua

lebua at State Tower Hotel Bangkok - Hotel Exterior

Located on the 63rd floor of The Dome at Lebua, Sirocco is the world's highest al fresco restaurant and one of Bangkok's most coveted dining choices. It never fails to leave one mesmerized with a breathtaking view of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya river, an amazing Sky Bar and quality Mediterranean fare with ingredients from the world's best markets. Live jazz music featuring vocalists of international repute, adds to its captivating ambiance for a perfect evening.

Pictures and the write up above were taken from the Lebua Hotel website.


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