Sunday, 29 December 2013

Nails of the day!

My nail posts have been few and far between, so I finally sat down and did my nails, and this post.

I used Revolution in 'Mustang' and LA Girl in 'Sands of Time'. 

The Revolution polish applies quite well, this is two coats, it does streak slightly though. The LA Girl is one of my all time favourites!

I used striping tape for the accent nail, and a rhinestone.

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Friday, 20 December 2013

Style36 Beauty Box Take 4!

This is my last and final beauty box from Style36... 

I really wish they would do these more often!

The Bourjois Smokey Eye pencil is a highly pigmented pencil, with a brush to create the perfect smokey eye look. 

Nail Polish is always a hit for me

And who doesn't need after sun gel for the summer!

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My holiday buys...

I have finally unpacked my bag, so today I am sharing my holiday buys with you...

Yes, I may have a slight problem, but shopping makes me happy! :)

My beauty buys... I wish we had a Sephora in SA! 

My pants buys... I love the prints and fabric of the three on the right.

My heels... Loving my new Melissas, even got myself two pairs! I can smell these shoes everyday!

My dress buys... Loving the prints

My flats... How cute are the skull sandals?

My accessories.. The little pink bag is a cellphone pouch! :)

And lastly my tops... There were many different styles, and as you can see, I got most of them :)

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

December Rubybox unboxed!

I came home from my trip to my Rubybox, I love my monthly surprise!

I am quite excited to try the Smooch Stick, not sure if tangerine is my colour, but will give it a bash...

The L'Amour body lotion smells amazing!

I haven't tried Dove hair masks yet, so I am glad I finally can try it.

I am not a fan of celebrity perfumes, but this Jeannie D perfume smells heavenly!

And which girl doesn't need hair removal... Well, me for one because I do laser hair removal... Hahahahaha, but will try it out anyway...

The box is worth about R300!

Oh, and there is a R100 voucher that has no minimum spend!

Are you happy with your box?

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Style36 Beauty Box- Take two and three

Because my first box was a miss, I decided to take a risk and order two more, and boy am I glad! (I ordered another one since then, but have not received it yet, so will do a post on that once received)

How awesome is this box! I am a huge Stila fan, and was so happy to find this when I opened my box! It was my staple on holiday!

This is my other box, which is great too! I love skincare, especially masks and peels.

Thank you Style36, and I hope my last box has some Stila ;)

What was your experience with the beauty box?

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I am back! And I have so much to share! First up- Nails of the past day...

I am back from my amazing holiday!

I will do a more detailed post on my travels soon, but basically this was the best holiday my bf and I have ever had! Singapore and Phuket were out of this world! Bangkok was its usual amazing self, and Pattaya was relaxing and great for shopping...

More on my travels later...

These were nails I had done a while ago, but hadn't had a chance to post. They were inspired by Nails by Nemo

Above is with a top coat, and below is without.

I used Sinful- Snow me white, and Revolution- Boogie. 

The Revolution polish applies really smoothly, and is a great colour. The Sinful white is a bit streaky, but okay. The flowers are dried flowers that I had bought for nails, and cut in two to fit my nails.

Thanks for reading!

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Hamba Kahle Tata Madiba

We were sitting at breakfast today at our hotel in Singapore, and I turned to face the tv to find horrific news about Madiba. I then shouted to my boyfriend that Nelson Mandela has passed away and burst into tears.

I wish I was in South Africa at this time, to share in celebrating the wonderful life that was Madiba.

I am honoured to have met him, and to come from the same country as him. A country that would not be the way it is today if it wasn't for him.

Once again Nelson Mandela brings South Africa and even the world together!

United we shall stand.

PrettifulBlog: December 2013